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Mission statement - GFO, the Global Fireball Observatory, is a global network of all-sky cameras to help recover meteorites with measured entry orbits.
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The SETI Institute and NASA collaborate in this effort with NASA SERVII Australia representative at Curtin University, Perth, Australia (P.I.: Phil Bland).

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Meteorite falls:
White Mountains (2016-06-02)
Creston fall (2015-10-24)
Chelyabinsk fall (2013-02-15)
Novato fall (2012-10-17)
Sutter's Mill fall (2012-04-22)

Report possible meteorite finds in the GFO network:


Dr. Peter Jenniskens,
SETI Institute,
Coordinator GFO USA West
[Career pages]

Peter S. Gural,
Meteor detection algoritms;

Jim Albers,
GFO station coordination

Nick Moskovitz,
GFO LO-CAMS coordination

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Responsible NASA Official: Kelly Fast (SSO)

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